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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"

Good Work

I'm super impressed with this song. The fact you're only 15 makes it all the more impressive. Keep up the great work. This song rocks!

LK412 responds:

Thanks man!

great song

for your next work, if you do something similar, put some simple lyrics to it, then it will really fit everything a dance-techno song will need.

LK412 responds:

Thats funny, cuz i actually am doing a song with lyrics. Stay tuned!

secoooooo x3

by the way ''seco'' is an expresion in chile 2 say that u are cool or awesome ....

soooooooo this is a nice song u have and a great name that u gave it .....
keep making these musik jeje

LK412 responds:


Now i can tell ppl im secooo =P

this music is beautiful

srsly, i wanna cry rite now, but im to extreme to do so

LK412 responds:

Lol, thanks.


Great piece...I like it!

LK412 responds: