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Reviews for "[LK] Euphoria"


Good song, what Audio Program do you use; FL-8, Garage Band, Reason, Cubase? any of those?

LK412 responds:

Fl 8

From one 15-year old to another...

From one 15-year old to another, GREAT SONG! :D

It could have been fine-tuned a bit, like it sounded a bit fuzzy... but the <3 the melodies (espeically the one the song starts out with).
'Least I know it's possible for a 15-year old to hit it big in the audio world dominated by older ppl. :)

Great song! :D

LK412 responds:

Haha thanks!

thank you

oh my god amazing song, im fucking high right now and it sounds like im just standing before that cheering crowd at the bgeninnng omg amazing song.

LK412 responds:


Agreed with below

Your totally right about the amount of potential, but this peice could use some mastery. The kick delay made things a bit crowded, but some decent subs could balance.

At the segment starting at 2:03, boost some mids in the EQ, let that piano come out.


LK412 responds:

l'll work on it.

Thanks for the review.


Good stuff here, but I'm really shocked this gets THAT MUCH praise. I have noticed that your mastering is really poor, which kind of ruins a very awesome song for me. And is it just me, or did you actually DELAY THE KICK!?!?!??! You NEED to duck your kick, and you NEED to compress, compress, compress. Way too much interference from different noises messes up your sound, and it's very foggy, not crisp and clean like it should be. My subwoofer is at 0 gain, and not even at it's loudest level, and it's just producing noise. And that's not even counting the sub-bass frequencies. This is obviously not a problem with my sub, because I've listened to this one other speakers, and it's still the same.

I think you have awesome skill, but you need to get better equipment so you can refine that skill. Learn about side-chains, compressors, limiters, multi-band compressors, and all the different types of EQ's. Unfortunately, that's where most artists usually fail, and that's what makes a good song into a GREAT song. Just play around with those things, and you'll find how to make your songs sound 10 times better. This sounds good to a normal person, but music publishers would be turned away almost immediately. If you can do all that, I think you would be a definite candidate for a record deal.

Kudos, and good job :D

LK412 responds:

You are absolutely right. I know that ALL my songs are shittily mastered/mixed if not at all.

I never have gotten around to actually learning how to do it because 1. Im lazy 2. I dont know where to start, and 3. I'd rather spend my time making music rather than fine tuning it. I know its necessary, but im just never in the mood.

When school is out i will definitely read up on it, but as for now, im just winging it, and hoping that it doesnt sound too bad.

I dont know thats wrong with a delayed kick, i love them. =P

Thanks for the review. =D