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Reviews for "Smooth Bossa Nova"

I love bossa nova

Just calms you down, and I tried but i don't think i can give any criticism because it's so good.

Tombor911 responds:

wow thanks! =)

Sounds Familiar

It sounds like a chord progression from a bossa nova song called Sugar Loaf. I'm not sure if you took that chord progression or you actually came up with this yourself, either way it sounds good

Tombor911 responds:

hmm it does sound familiar. Thats a strange coincidence.

great work, mate!

as a brazilian fella, I can say: ya got quite the "bossa-novaish" feel to it. very nice job :D

it just feels like there's somehing missing, dude.... perhaps some more percussion, a pandeiro or an agogo... y'know, so it gets not only bossa-novaish, also brazilish :D
well, either way it's fine. thats a great job, but as everything in the world, coulda've been better. congratulations!

PS: yah, sorry for the crappy english (the "ish" thing was on purpose :P )

Tombor911 responds:

yeah i have an updated version with percusion


Beautiful bud. I dunneh why the peoplez be all, "Yo, you're good but not that good." I find this amazing.

Tombor911 responds:

wow thanks that means so much! =)

Im no music critique so I really cant offer any..

advice. All I can say is it sounds good. Im rating it 5 k, and since your only 13, you should try marketing this to a cafe or something. They might think it qwaint.

Tombor911 responds:

Hahaha maybe i will. Thanks!