Reviews for "The SWEFS Intro"

Graphics are awesome.

Can't wait for the series.



what song is that the bass line is frikin awesome pleez tell me the song

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For what it is, the opening credits to a series, it's perfect.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Only one flaw... I have a phobia of octopuses... I doubt that affects anyone else though.


A new outlook on an old style.

Very nicely done!
The Film is very reminiscent of the older work of Ralph Bakshi and his contemporaries in the rebel "art films" as done by the likes of R. Crumb and Zap comics.
though your lead in was a bit over done (perhaps one too many "cranks" on the ship- got old quickly) the actual montague was a well scripted and timed to the music- You might want to make the guitarists' actions a little less dramaticand more subtle.
Color shading was nice- though a perhaps sharp in transitions, a good example of similar intros within the genre.
I'm really looking forward to this- it promises to be a new era in the anthropmorphic star trek parody theme. And that's saying alot-- for the film's story and art work.
the implied plot is nice in itself, a mix of other such series as Bucky O'Hare and Starfox. I'm anticipating the introduciton of the series to make a big impression on the portal. Well done. 5/5
XjokerX ~ Ed

good, but maybe a little more is needed

nicely done, I like your style, I just wish there was more to this toon.