Reviews for "Crunchfest"

Side-effects may include: Become Addicted

This is very addictive, man. For that reason, it hasn't gotten old yet... It was also a great song for Afro_Ninja's submission, Territory War. I was glad that the mission that had this as its music was the first long one I had. I left this on, and read the BBS Battle Royale, and it was perfect music to have in the backround.

The percussion (drums) are very clear, and the guitar isn't as clear, but definitely clear enough. Keep up the good work, man. I like your music!

FUNKbrs responds:

Damn... saying it gets better over time is a big complement.

I was TOTALLY getting him to pull strings for him to use it though.

You gotta love those insider NG connections!

awesome riffs.

i loved it. i love the riffs and everything. it sounded really cool. i wish it had some leads though. also, the quality wasn't very good, but i could here it well enough to tell that it was a pretty good song. the drums sounded clear though. i'm guessing it was a real drummer too. anyway, this one is great, just work on the quality and such...

FUNKbrs responds:

Thanks. I played drums on that track. I use SM57 dynamic mics mounted internally to get that sound, with my heads tuned way down low, and no resonant head. It doesn't have a lot of sustain, but when you want to play fast, sustain just makes you muddy.

Loved it

I listened to this loop for probably a solid half hour without noticing it was the same thing. Really cool, I liked the heavy feel to it.


FUNKbrs responds:

Man... I'm suprised my super old stuff holds up so well. It's probably the sound quality or something. Back when I used to care about shit like that.