Reviews for "Crunchfest"


This song is great! Everytime I come to my computer, I have a listen! Great work!!!

Good job!

I liked it.Very funky

cool one

i love this song cause its too cool


Nice Heavy Metal, Friend! YOU GOT TALENT!!!


this is undiscribable :')

FUNKbrs responds:

Believe it or not, a lot of my material with "shitty" scores is BETTER than this, but everyone just downvotes them. WTF? Go through my whole catalogue and you'll find a lot of gems like this song.

I catch a lot of shit for only producing live tracks, but the technoproduction fags can kiss my ass, because every file starts with a vibration, not the other way around. I'm true to the live sound, and will be until I die. That's what gets me respect outside of the internet in production skills, and that's what makes my kind of engineering rare and VERY desirable to live bands.