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Reviews for "A Sad Swim."

Makes me smile...

I love this cartoon!

The music was perfect and happy and loopy, same with the graphics, the story and the colors used.

...the somewhat bleak ending is extra icing on an already delicious cake.

Tell the lil' purple sphere-man I love him--if you ever find him again, that is.

the coolest!

That was awsome dude! That was diffrent! and i liked it! The pencil man is so cute, make more make MORE! MAKE MORE!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE!!!


i dunno...theres sumthing about ur flashes even tho theyre pointless and random, i LOVE UR STYLE! xD i like the way u drawthings, ur randomness reminds me of myself xD. except...mine are dumb, :D L.O.V.E. your style ^.^


funny flash.. but,

make more of these styles, like the last guy said very random!!! &#9787;&#9786;

Short, cute animation.

I really liked the music. It fits to this movie.