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Reviews for "A Sad Swim."

Not bad

I enjoyed this little flash, very entertaining.

I hope the little round guy died at the end

Maybe your idea was good, but, it kinda sucked, wth all the pink and stuff, and the music made me crazy.

Needs work

Well the flash style that you were going for was great. But I would work in the circle drawing a little bit. The animations were pretty good I like what you did with the text of wind. The music choice wasn't bad, it fit the flash style. I would say it is too simple minded for some people on NG so.

Nice job

You did a nice job man, it was really original, It's fun to have something different

its alright

this was ok, i guess... not really anything striking or memorable... i felt bad for the poor smiley :( hopefully he has a better swim next time
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