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Reviews for "A Sad Swim."


that was so boring and i don't even get the point of it.I like all ur other movies it was just an odd 1 but man it was boring!The sound was alright and the only tiny funny bit was when the wind pushed him down the hill but that wasent that funny just a little giggle.
BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still like ur other stuff.

It wasz really boring . . .

It was really boring

the coolest!

That was awsome dude! That was diffrent! and i liked it! The pencil man is so cute, make more make MORE! MAKE MORE!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE!!!

dam wind

i hate when i die because of such trivial things as the weather.

Cute. Very cute

Pesky thing wind isn't it? I found this funny, and very, very cute. WEll done.