Reviews for "The Gallant Seventh"


I love the song. It's good. The menus are not too clogged and distracting, the game plays well on my computer but I think it's hard to tell where and what you're hitting at. Although it's not too funny of violent, the game is enjoyabe for say a few minutes at the office or at school if you happen to have the time. Its nice to see a change from "KILL KILL EVERYTHING" games on Newgrounds.
You should have had maybe a choice of tracks to play the game to, think Dance Dance Revolution :)
Love it

Hell yes!!

That was so cool, there need to be more games like this. I really liked how depending on what instrument had the melody would be what you were shooting, it became apparent that that was what was happening when the first low brass "shout" part happened, and a whole bunch of tubas came down, that was awesome. Great game, you rock!

Interesting to say the least

Perhaps in a remake/sequel to this, you could have the song as a midi file, and change the volume of the instrument tracks depending on what you've shot down? i.e. if you shoot out a drum, the drums are quieter, until you shoot them all out when they stop.

good game

very interesting game. took me almost forever to figure it out and then almost forever again to try and win this game, but it was really well worth the efforts, since i liked playing this game. very creative work.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:


Nice Going

Now Im Scared Of Musical Instuments.

how long does it take to win btw

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

About 2 and a half minutes