Reviews for "The Gallant Seventh"


When I clicked on 'Random Submission' I half expected a cheesy little platformer. But I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was fun and although the presentation was bare as bones it was easy to ignore. (: Nice job!!!

Nice work

I once had to play that song in band camp. That song is way too hard to play!!! Thanks for making this game easier to play. ;)


its fun but my computer pooped out on me and could barly(cant spell) play! if you make another one of these , try to make the song slower

pure. . .awesomeness

dude! marching band geek! KICK ASS! the only band themed game i've EVER seen! you are my hero

I simple fun game.

The song was exelent. Games like this realy make it worth to visit this site. Make more games like this: