Reviews for "Love Madness"


this right here is ART. nothing less.


I really liked the music in the intro! Who is that? Excellent job.


Excellent! All aspects of the game are extravagant. The gameplay was awesome. The controls are unique and easy to use. While hopping around spreading love (being the amiable person I am) I need a good sound track. Where did I find the music to fit my needs? In this game! The most impressive attribute was the art. It had a multidute of mediums, from the fundamental paint and pencil utilities to the imported photography and pixelated projectiles. You have a keen eye for color! Very very very amusing. Keep up all the good work!

Whoa! Crazy stuff!

Excellent quality and style!!! It was all like Wheee! and i was like Whoa! and then it was going all whooooo! and i was like wow!

A very unique game, a bit like Robotron

Once you get into the game, it's a very fun shooter. I especially like how you have to save the humans from their own funk before they become self-destructive, adds a bit of urgency to an already fast-paced game.

I can see one thing that might have turned reviewers away from this game though, it's a bit confusing going from both of the opening animations to the actually start of the game, you have to hit 'SKIP' instead of 'NEXT' to do this, because Next just takes you further into the opening sequence. A lot of folks will close the window here before they even play the game, which is a pity because, although it was a bit short, this is a great game.