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Reviews for "Dracula"


nice accent in the begining.....and that black guy looks like THE LADIES MAN...if ya know what i mean.

Pop A Silver Bullet In Yo Ass!

hah, that was great. Graphics were awesome, wasn't too much movement, but the dialouge was pretty funny. Ah, hope to see a sequal!

That's cool

That was pretty funny and it was good.

that was funny

well good job. funnyness wize.

a great Dracula spoof!

Haha hilarious, I was wiaitng for someone to make a Dracula story funny!
Nice to see a change from all the blood and depressing gore and the voices were hilarious! The contrast of the pizza boy to the dead dracula man dressed in a long robe was great, and the afro on the pizza boy cracked me up xD
Animations were good and the graphics were good especially the pizza boy and the lines were excellent, the dracula trying to eat the pizzaboy and the pizzaguy just swearing and never shutting up. A great parody and a little cliched, I love it!

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