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Reviews for "Dracula"


Another person with a Blade base. Vampires are NOT killed by silver, werewolves are! Fucking Blade doesn't know shit about vampires.


Don't get it... sorry I'm not a dumbass like everyone else :/

I've got to agree...the sound is bad.

When I first came to the movie, I read a post saying it was racist so I thought it was going to be like KKK all the way. I didn't find it too funny I am afraid but the sound could have been the reason and I got headphones the size of donuts! It was good animation.

Oh, Pentangle? (Sorry if I got your handle wrong) You missed out hawthorne! Actually, vampires have different weaknesses because they are all based on various superstitions. However, Christianity has always been the common foil because of the promise of "eternal life" in Christ and not blood. (I don't mind being called a vamp freak 'cos those bloodsuckers should have seen me coming in the first place.)

well..........the fuck can i say

w/e good anamation but it wast to great a bit funny tho