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Reviews for "Dracula"


i gave this movie a good rating because i just started flash(cougar261084) and i just find out its pretty hard and time robbing. i emby you

mmm, ok

The animation was real good man, congrats. So were the voices. Although Dracula's laugh at the end was really forced (sounded like it anyway). Anyway, the graphics were all textured and it looked like you spent a lot of time on it. Thing is, the black stereotype died when Chris Rock started basing EVERYTHING on it. sorry man.

Better than Average...

Though watching a black guy cuss up a storm about his testacles being ice cubes is not my kind of humor, this was a very well made flash. It was original and was well drawn. I encourage the author to make more and help rid newgrounds of worthless flash. - Kaine Stolkyn

Nothing special

I feel like the previous reviewer as well. The black guy really quite spoiled it. Although it is quite good for a spoof.

Strange..yet funny

Good parody involving Dracula & some jive-talkin' pizza guy.

Funny as hell!