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Reviews for "Dracula"

SweetAss shit

"Open them muddafuckin doo' is cold out here!" xD
Makes me laugh everytime i see it, and i see it a lot xD!
SweetASS SHit ;)

Good work, just one question...

Likie i said, good work on this, but why is it rated Suitable For All Audiences when there's so mant swears? If a 6 year old went and watched this, imagine what his "innocent" mind would be filled with =O!!!

Very good parody.

I've enjoyed this film's skit especially Dracula's voice it was very good imitation and I've also enjoyed the humor you put into it, Very good.

nice one

that was a very nice Dracula animation. a little short, but that one was very nice. it had some very nice graphics in it, nice audio, good concept to it with Dracula and it offered some nice entertainment.


havent seen this dracula in a while he . the one you choose was the one wat tramatized me wen i was little but the storylines funny keep it up