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Reviews for "Dracula"


I love pizza guy's comments. Dracula tries to be serious, but his comments lighten the mood, and make this wicked funny! Keep rockin and makin movies!

Hell yeah...

Ya just can't beat the combo of the Prince of Darkness, and a man in a fro!

Funny shit!

Nice little parody there. At first it looked like it was gonna be a serious type of Dracula movie, then you finally see the black guy with his afro and pizza in hand and you just KNOW this is gonna be funny.
Could have maybe included a little bit with Dracul's shadows. You know, maybe themn making little shadow puppets or some shit like that. Good as it is though.

Hahahah that was great

you really spent some time on that from the looks of it. And you have a good sence of humor. good job


That was really funny! Kinof stupid at the same time though. As soon as I saw the guy standing at the door with the pizzza i laughed my ass off!!!!