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Reviews for "Dracula"

NIce. Average but nice.

PentacleMan,you [b]ARE[/b] too much of a nerdy vampire fanboy. That said, who cares? It's not a bad thing to know alot about something. Knowlege is power, even if that is useless knowlege. Anyway, this movie wasn't bad. Average at best, and the same at worst. Strictly middle of the road. It entertained me though, and thats all that matters.

Silver and paranormals.

Actually, Crono, YOU'RE the one who hasn't done his homework. One of the original prescribed methods for dealing with vampires (circa England, Dark Ages to early Middle Ages) was to drive a silver nail into the vampire's skull while he lay in his coffin so that he could never leave it. How someone could expect the vampire to sit still for this treatment was never explained. There have also been other vampire banes throughout the various cultures of history which have also gone out of style; to the Italians, belladonna (nightshade) was handy for keeping vampires out of homes, for example. But you don't hear too many people talking about belladonna anymore, do you? Graveyard dust, rowan wood, urine, cold iron, the vampire's true name, the Evil Eye charms, running water, something from a dead relative, a piece of the vampire's bone (good luck)...these and more became obscure while wooden stakes, holy water and garlic prospered.
I'm shutting up now before people think I'm TOO much of a nerdy vampire fanboy. Cute Flash movie, though. ;)


Another person with a Blade base. Vampires are NOT killed by silver, werewolves are! Fucking Blade doesn't know shit about vampires.


I loved the dude with the afro and gold tooth,
Dracular waz lookin very pale but theres a surprise.
Overal i loved it make more movies with the dude with the afro


the animation was awesome, but i'm pretty sure i caught a line off of Conkers Bad Fur Day.
"..Children of the Night.. what beautiful music they make"

otherwise, the black guy is funny.