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Reviews for "Cooties Bar X-Ray Glasses"

Could this be the best flash peice ever?

When I first viewed this, I was NEVER expecting such a great entry! It actually made me check out the ROMP!

It is the 3rd episode of the Cooties Bar series, and it came at a nice time. The X-Ray glasses are downright cool. The drawing and animation is extremely well done, and it's got tons of goodies in it!

The game does have glitches, however. For one, I noticed that on the first scene, (With the woman throwing darts) when I moved my mouse in the upper-right hand corner, the game froze. Also.. some of the things (Such as the gypsy's balls) don't always click on... so sometimes, you can get away with it.

You can understand it best when you see the entire series of Cooties Bar! (Including why the guy's arm got bitten off!)

This game, hands-down, deserves a 5. And I have one thing left to say:

"You read my review, and for this, I kill you!!!"

Senseless Nudity

This is another good, original concept from the Romp... although it certainly doesn't deserve the number 1 spot in the Portal. I mean, honestly, all you do is move the mouse around and look at naked people. Granted, there are several hidden surprises if you look in the right places, and the artwork and voice acting are great, but it takes more than boobs to be number 1 in the Portal. At least, I think it does.

This Movie is Excellent

I absolutely love this movie, there is not much violence in it, but nobody needs that right now, while the gypsy's voice could have been better, the masking in this movie is amazing, I wish I could do it, The best looking movie I've seen yet!

Ingenious Concept

The concept alone is enough to convince anyone that this is a near-brilliant Flash movie. The jokes are there, the animation is top-notch, the interactivity is amazing. This is a well-produced piece of art that deserves the success it's gotten.

A well-done work

Ah, The Romp.

Whenever that logo appears you know you can expect a good quality Flash movie. Cootie's Bar: X-ray glasses is stylish, has good art, funny music, and a few hilarious surprises (don't overlook the nun's left arm). There seems to be a lot of dissent on the BBS about this one, but whether you like it or not, a lot of work went into Cootie's Bar.

I have noticed a glitch in the movie that seems to happen whenever my mouse strays from the playing field. But hey, nobody's perfect!