Reviews for "{dj-N} Skydivin'"

i dont no whats wierder

the fact that i think i just firered my cannon or the fact ive listend to this 14 times i think

nice choice of lyrics



Bear with me here.

For a while you have been one of my favorite Newgrounds' artists. Today I had this impulse to look up some of Darren Styles' songs on youtube and got really into Skydiving and Come Running.

Naturally, since I love remixes, I came to NG to search 'Darren Styles.' Lo and behold, DJ-N is there with a remix of 'Skydiving.'

My face lit up with pure joy, and what followed was a perfect remix: You put your own mark on the song while staying faithful to the original. Great job, 10/10 5/5 DL'd etc.



I adore darren styles and never thought his songs could be made any better
you have achieved that today

Awesome job. 5/5


You make Trance and Techno amazing. Enough said.

Great remix

Good remix. I like the rolling/ synth beat.