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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

You know too little about Windows to be using it.

Go crawl back to your Fedora core. Nobody likes a Crybaby... when you want something that won't go Hitler on your computer come crawling back to Windows. for PC it's the best you've got. I strongly suggest you either do the past options, or buy a Mac and shut the fuck up. (I'm a Mac user, but even with past experience in Linux and Windows... I would STILL use Windows.)


you're a pretty angry kid. Ever consider Linux? I liked it though, some of your satire was right on the mark.


honestly, Windows XP isn't all that bad. the Windows spoofs that make fun of the older versions are funny, but your jokes are overused. be creative and think up something new.


Seen too many better windows spoofs. didnt like it.

hahaha nice

ive seen many of these...the other ones looked better but this one was way funnier. the best part was that dog on the search menu