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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

its been done to death.

it was funny the first 10 times. after that i just couldnt stand windows emulators.


There are to many flash like this and your was one of the badest ive seen, try puting down some more work on the graphics then i think it culd get some more points in voting.

Well, Kinda.....

Everyone has windows XP, just takes a good peron to know how to use it. I dont use IE i use Firefox. I use a secondary firewall, and a secondary virus scaner. I usually get the updates the moment they come out, and defrag and maintain my system once a week. Microsoft Spyware Beta is a good program, and thats free. I guess you were busy looking at porn, and not taking good of your system to render it useless. I am only saying this cause hey, its the truth.


Nice job! the best part is that most of it is TRUE!!! I am restoring my windows computer for the 3rd time in 1 year, because of their "brand new Internet Explorer". Nice job, next time just make the wallpaper more realistic. It should read "Active desktop recovery. File or files may be corrupt." LOL


ohh that was one hilarious flash, keep up the good work it was so funny far out its actually true most of the stuff on there GREAT WORK 10/10