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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

Yeah, that's a good one !

Good work ! It reminds me the Win95 version humour flash I saw a long time ago... :love:


that is so true lol and its even worse if you are running on a dial up connection i really enjoyed playing this lol is was fun and very very true ty oh lord and master for bestowing something so wonderful upon me i gained iq by playing it because i just got done watching some of pepsiclocks shit and it is retarded lol so like yea awesome full ratings lol

That was pretty cool

But you know what would make it cooler, make the time in the lower left corner into a dynamic text thingamajig and make it tell the real time using a Date() object.

MindArchon responds:

It already does, atleast for me.


all i ahve read is the first page of the tour about making it easier for kids to store their porn, lol that was enough for me!!


I'm not really sure why someone would making something like this? i mean other then bored or thinking this was a good idea i mean...