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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

Not many features

There wasn't really much to this. It was okay, but I've seen better. Much better. This hardly had anything to it. Ooo, real time! How thrilling.

Anyway, now I'll give some suggestions. More stuff! This didn't have much at all. Next, make a real progress bar. If you can't be bothered, at least pretend it's a real progress bar. If you're going to be using real time, either make it 24-hour or make it AM or PM. If you want to make it even better, give the user a choice.

Overall, I feel better could be done.

Pretty cool

Not the best Windows clone I've seen but it's ok. You give alot of reasons why Microsoft sucks (alot of people do) so that made it pretty funny. You should really look at that first guy who started the Windows clone. I think it was called Windows AIDS or w/e. His was very good. You should get some pointers from him. But this was pretty good though. Wasn't nuttin really wrong wit da dog to me lol he was...OK ;). Nice flash skillz though keep up the good work. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

I'd like to see a clone for once with some more god damn sound...geesh lol...

not too bad

well sure its funny and all that but it really represents windows ME which is surely the worst OS ever

Pretty Funny

One thing I might add though. I've had XP for a while now and if this is what you think of XP then you have other problems. XP is very stable. Try some spyware removing software off the internet or somthing. Either that or your running a bootleg copy of XP you got of kazaa or somthing like that.

Haha that's funny.

That's why you go Pro (XP Pro), not that it's much better.

I never have those problems, but then again, I'm a computer guy.

It was still funny anyway, but maybe that's because I'm biased against Winblows.

MS - Crap software = Nothing

Hell...it's ridiculous how often I have to reboot my Win2k server (like once a week).

But whatever...most people are clueless about computers, so Winblows is here to stay, at least for a while.