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Reviews for "Windows XP: Home Edition"

I have done this myself

And it turned out much better!
You're graphics wasn't so realistic!

good work!

i guess the guy below me never thought to buy a mac... Nicely done. I thought I was at work when I played this!


we all know windows sucks and that linuex isn't any better, but we all hafta deal with it :( its either this or no comp. BTW IE always has a error, or eitehr can't find what you want.

BTW look for French Victories on google :D

I'm so sick of these pieces of crap.

It's not Microsoft's fault that people like you are too stupid to use your computer correctly. I use Windows XP and Windows 98 and I never have any problems. If you don't want spyware, get a spyware blocker! And yes, Internet Explorer is a bad browser. But you know what you should do about it? Go download Netscape instead of making a crappy flash about how you hate Internet Explorer.

Go learn how to use a computer properly instead of making these piss poor Windows simulators. Again, it's not Microsoft's fault that you're an idiot.

Not very original

These things are kinda old i suggest doing something diffrent good effort though.