Reviews for "Goodbye, Cruel World"

he fails at hang himself? pathetic


Best cartoon style I've seen in a while!

Haha poor guy even fails at suicide. Nice art seriously.

ToonHole responds:


More great stuff!

I'm sure you guys have heard of Perry Bible Fellowship. That dude has a dark humor pinned down. One thing about his work is that the art styles change with each comic, and it adds extra oomph to the punchline.

While I enjoy these comics (You guys are second only to PBF in my eyes), the art style is generally the same... I didn't recognize Toonhole as being more than one person...

Just to be clear, it's not the art itself I'm criticizing; you all have a great eye for detail. But I think you could use style more to your advantage... For example, I didn't feel any strife or torment in the first two panels. If I related to his suffering first, the punchline would be more personal, and funnier by that extension.

ToonHole responds:

Thanks MossyStones! That's a great crit!