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Reviews for "Reach for the Stars [7000]"

Oh god

This is fucking magical. I've been waiting for a new track from you all of this weekend. Great job, but I wish you would've got on aim recently. IMO, this would've been great with a slight sidechain, but nonetheless, great track.

5'd, and Faved/

Sirhc7000 responds:

lol ay i was tryna talk to you one nite but u weren't on AIM. w/e. Thx for the review dogg. Let me know if u have anything new. I'm gonna check rite now actually. Peace.


Hot AND has that replay value. You could easily sell this to commercial avenues. Adult Swim eats this shit up.

Love it.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Gaahh I would literally JIZZ IN MY PANTS if I heard my beat on an Adult Swim bump.



I heard your offbeats and thats what draws me to the song. I totally love the quirkyness and edgy feeling it gives. Please dont fix this....or bring it back.

am in love with this beat!

this is chilled out music am lovein it XD


I get this song stuck in my head. I have it downloaded on my ipod and I have deemed it my walking music lol. It makes me feel like everyday is a sunny day. You really got something here.