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Reviews for "Reach for the Stars [7000]"

This is mad hott

This is mad hot.
Great sample, great cuts.
keep it up.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Will do.

Dayum, haha

Oh hell yeah, this beat was hella tight!

At the start I couldn't follow the tempo, but when the drums came in it fixed the problem.

- Decent chopped
- Sik drumz, seriously! I like the way it played along with the track
- It gives a great olskool feeling.

- There's sometimes problem with the timing
- Sometimes it's a bit bad chopped, for example -> 1:06
- As I said the drumz were sik as hell, but some part it wasn't timed correct.
- Couldn't you end the track with a crash or something? Allright, maybe I better shut up cuzz I suck at endings by myself, lol :)

Hey man... This beat is tight, the drumz clearly steals the show. It's a damn nice beat, I give you that. There were some part of the song which wasn't chopp'd correct, but maybe it was a hard track to sample. Ya did well, hehe. Keep producin' mayne. I'm waiting more from you. Great beat again.

5/5 - 9/10 - Downloaded

Sirhc7000 responds:

Wow very in-depth reivew! Thx a lot for the constructive criticism. Much appreciated, good sir.

Oh god

This is fucking magical. I've been waiting for a new track from you all of this weekend. Great job, but I wish you would've got on aim recently. IMO, this would've been great with a slight sidechain, but nonetheless, great track.

5'd, and Faved/

Sirhc7000 responds:

lol ay i was tryna talk to you one nite but u weren't on AIM. w/e. Thx for the review dogg. Let me know if u have anything new. I'm gonna check rite now actually. Peace.

This is how hip hop should be made

It is a bit sloppy, but it's olskool goodness. I love it. Fix some timing and then you're golden.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Just did it. It was the hi-hat that was throwing it off. The delay on the MIDI is a bitch sometimes but i fixed it up. Thx for addressing the issue and thx for the review. Look out for more from me in the future!

Nice swing man

Pretty chill song man I really like the
swing in this. Only bit of critique I
got for you is that it sounds like a few
of the beats are a little bit off as well
as the bit of static in the background.
Hence my reason for giving a 9/10.

The sounds are sweet though.
Keep em rolling man, and check
out my stuff if you got the chance.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Yea that hi-hat was kinda throwing things off. I fixed it up tho. Thx for letting me know. I mean, I knew it was there and it was bugging me, but still thx. I appreciate the criticism. Peace.