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Reviews for "Counter-Strike - headshot"

wery good :)))

its reminds me about that de_aztec flash( Done by Wei Xing) :)


That was so cool! Best part was when The ct dodged all those bullets then 1 bullet hit him right in the head ! I loved it


10 Because this was released at a time when mostly alot of flashes suck, no offense.

I laughed at the crappy slow moving on dodgeing.

@last guy
Dont make me awp j00.


That was really good, seriously i dunno y u guyz don't like it. cept for the part where he does the matrix lamely. he bent over WAY too fast

omg how did he do that look at bottom


can only draw half(%u5947%u5076%u51D1%u8BF6%u597D%u 7B28%u4E2A%uFF09