Reviews for "Counter-Strike - headshot"

Good but could be better

Not to be rude but your flash lacked on a litle animation and exciment if you work on this and make it go faster and longer maybe you could get a better chance on getting on the frontpage if thats what you want. also when your doing the dodging the bullets thing try to make it closer because the guy bended super fast yet the bullets went slow so take a lesson in realism (all Im saying try to make the first contacts close to make it exciting). Your animation of the gun firing was a bit to the down side make better looking fire shots of weapon. and last but not least I recomend when you make the guy suddenly stop make music stop too with a sound effect for it.
But I really liked your preloader and intro it was superb.


Exelent and good music


this is like a way shittier version of wx's work

dude u took this from the awesome author of WX

Dude dont steal other ppls work........ i woulda liked it better if u didnt steal ideas

lol i agree with you guys

make your own bloody ideas