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Reviews for "Counter-Strike - headshot"


That was so cool! Best part was when The ct dodged all those bullets then 1 bullet hit him right in the head ! I loved it

My question:

OKAY, WHY THE FUCK DO THE CTS ALWAYS LOSE IN FLASH MOVIES?!!! Terrorists are NOT the good guys people, they want to destroy the world and terrorists are who we are fighting in this war! CT means counter-terrorist, or against (anti) terrorist, not "crappy terrorist". THE CTS ARE THE GOOD GUYS!! Get that through your head! Please excuse my rant, and sorry, but I had to get that load off my shoulders. Bye. >:(

Everyone leave him alone

It sorta like WX's movies but its still very good so everyone just cut him some slack.

Not as bad as they say

hey it was pretty good i dont know some people reviewing this are saying things lik e "omh dood this r shit BLAM IT LOL" i mean it wasnt that bad keep up the good work

i gave it a 4out of 5 and a 8 out of 10. very funy

i relly enojed that, nice job. i am sur thats old and your alot better now , but comdie is gold:)