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Reviews for "Counter-Strike - headshot"


This was a pretty good flash... You should spend more time on your next movie. Don't rush it.
I gave humor a 0 because the 'jokes' were just a rip-off of Flash-Deck's DE_DUST.
Try a bit harder next time and you will succeed more.

hmm. nice first try.

I figured this is ur first try at a counter strike flash. Its pretty good. If good enuff to get trough. and i love these kind of cs movies. Next time make nire if a story. Now its just pow pow terrorist win. next time make something fun in it now u get a 6 out o ten from me good luck next time looking forward :)

3 words, take your time

OMG thiz stuff could of been wayy better, if spent less time on the gun models, you probably do bettter job, this is like 2 hours of work


how can someone die from a kick to the head?, but i guess it wasnt too bad, was a little short and lacked action, but keep up the good work

Nice try keep going

This was OK. When I saw the name I though they would be shooting each other in the head. Then the anouncer would say HEADSHOT!!!! Just like the game.