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Reviews for "Counter-Strike - headshot"


Sh!t u idiotic moron copying WX ideas

WTf 1 kick on the head can kill????? I didn't FUCKING know that

Create your own original ideas like eg: Lucky Shot in the Ass or sth like that.

Good at least u know how to draw guns

Quit stealing sh*t

Wow, you have to be the most idiotic person to think that stealing WX's ideas, thinking that youd get a high score--or somewhat a score. If your going to do a movie with ideas from another person, Tell the real creator.

PS: BTW, If your going to steal ideas. At least make them good

bad as bad is

this is a complete rip-off from WX´s great CS movies, but without any good graphics!!! WX rulz the CS movies, and no one can make ´em better, so stop trying!!!

worst rippoff ever

wow..........of all the copycats ive seen u are the worst.......horrible....... u totally killed the "last bullet hits joke" from WX's superb cs series....nex time u do a movie make it original....... EVEN IF YOU didn't bite off WX this movie-no-piece of crap stunk major balls. No effort at all. dang i cud rant and rave on how bad this movie is but everyone before took all da words to describe how bad dis is... lol

Ever Heard Of The Word "Ripoff"?

This was totally a ripoff of WX's Counter Strike movies. How, you say? Hmmm... let's see here....

1) You stole ideas for his character models
2) You stole jokes from DE_Dust

Wait a minute.... I don't have time for this.... let's just say nearly everything is a ripoff. I don't have time for bullshit ripoffs like this.

Good luck coming up with your own ideas.