Reviews for "PICONJO:a night in n.y.c."

That was 1 of the most disturbing things I've ever

Seriously, wow i don't know where yur brain is at but that was insane really scary. the only reason u didn't get 0/10 and 0/5 is because the story is reality. But that doesn't make any less fucked up!!!! :(


this is so terrible that it could kill someone, dude u cant even draw....found this piece of crap by accident....and now i hate myself for watching it...i should just go vomit

i hate

how people only know Piconjo from Ng rumble. its like wtf- the piconjo in ng rumble
doesnt even look or act like the real piconjo


Munch... Munch... Munch...

(that's me, eating a sandwich half an hour after watching this)

well... this... is... disturbing. no other word for it. it was probably a combination of the music and the voice-over, along with how believable the plot was (you know, although twisted, it DOES make sense... except for the oscar meyer weiner part), that creeped me out, but the imaging was what had me getting a little sick near the end. didn't taste right. well, maybe I just need to check out all the other pico animations (o god WHY) before making any judgements, but... meh. you're cool.

? seriously?

this was creepy, it could have been worse, the frog could of raped her all night