Reviews for "PICONJO:a night in n.y.c."


That is something out of A Clockwork Orange. I noted the many Legendary Fag referances and the Numba guy and I thought this fash was quiet good. It is very freeky the way you did it. It reminded me of something like a horror movie I once seen. Anyway I hope to see more of this in the future and less legendary Tea baging.

Oh my God I see it now

At first I thought your was some ass-hole who is jelous with other people's work, so you insult them with a flash cartoon. But know I think that you really have some issue's that need to be taking care of. Piconjo, listen to me. You need help, if you don't get treated for this illness, you will be a danger to you self and others. I said this because, nobdy would go out there way to make somtime like this 12 times like you did. Your sick Piconjo, I mean really sick. Plaese, plaese get some help.

And your phrase "Piconjo pwns joo <3"
Try this phrase "Shadow the Hedgehog pwns joo!!!!!!!"

X) < Hahahhahahahhhaa

I liked the music, and the storyteller's voice acting. This film kicked ass.


simply incredible. Wadolf better put this on the front page.

Legandary frog don't care

I thought this movie was pretty laugh out loud funny. LF actually does'nt care what piconjo does.

while these movies may be distrubing to the average toady. I have friends who asked LF about piconjo and he said he don't care what piconjo does and in fact he says he finds some of piconjo's works funny.

I love your syncing and your overall dark mood the movie sets.

Really funny skit you got there.

in closing Expect plenty of pissed off toady reviews who seem to forgot that LF don't give a shit what piconjo does.