Reviews for "PICONJO:a night in n.y.c."

Rape is fun

This is a very good flick

That was great

very nice


While not the most fucked up thing I've ever seen...it gets close. That's not necessarily a bad thing...but I think that this one probably crosses the line. I mean, to be honest, it wasn't that bad until the last pick, with his sword through one end to the other. That was kinda iffy. All in all though, it was decent, but I say the guy who made this may be straying on the edge of insanity.

ummmmmmmm yeh, ok, not so good

This really just works to prove my theories that piconjos a rapist who wants to have gay sex with legendary frog.

To put it short it could've been a lot better the graphics were poor, once again piconjo couldn't go five minutes without making fun of legendary frog and finally too much gay sex! Jesus there should at least be a limit. My advise for improvement? Add some fight scenes and lose the gay sex then you just might be onto something. Fucking a flash artist is kind of sick and tasteless but in my opinion kicking the crap out of him is fun for the whole family :)

I absolutely love it.

I think it's the music that really does it. It gives it a super deformed kind of intensely fucked up storytime happy yet freaky and scary feel to it.