Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"

nice mix!!!

Great mix man you just made this a better song nice vocals and the end was amazing i love this song i dont think you need to send in the climax so sooon all the time. we know its going to rock make the buildup longer to accent your sick as beat i hope the song is on youtube aswell this needs to be herd all over the world


I think it actually sounds neat with the vocals out of sync. ^-^


Great song! I especially love the intro with the drums and piano.

Amazing :>

Brilliant song and glad to see you've kept busy this summer! :D
And is it just me or does your gender change every few months? xD

Dont worry

You say ignore the un synced vocals in the begining but in my opinion that is what makes this song trap you in to listen to the rest right on. Do us all a favor and keep making more songs like this.