Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"

out of sync???

are you kidding me? If you didn't say it was out of sync i would have never guessed. It sounds great the way it is!

Keep it up

EnV, keep it up man, I have all of your music and its on repeat for about the last year. You are a musical genius, are you making money at this yet? If not you should be...


In my caffeinated state of mind, I unconsciously clicked this song, and then I started to feel really, REALLY hyper. That's good, though! This song is awesomely hyper, and it's enjoyable when you're caffeinated :D

iloooove this song

the singing is perfect and love the synth
i dont usually like dance shit but this has probably got me into it

eieio? seriously? made me laugh. Still epic though.