Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"


You should seriously do more of this. It's awesome.


i just skipped through 12 Beatle songs on my ipod to hear this . . . its that good my year would be made if you would make a remix :D

Yeah, yeah,

Look I know this review is gonna be voted useless, they always do when someone goes against the "popular". Yes, I have already mentioned this that Envy's music SOUNDS THE SAME!! I WANT TO BE HEARD!! In fact it's not just Envy, it's MOST newgrounds audio artists. If you respond Envy don't pull that "It's not my style" thing, cos good artists DON'T have a style! And no it's not general rock, it's still dance, it's just your perception of what it is that's holding your creativity back. Use more snares in your chorus, less bass drums, different synths and different drum patterns! So what, I don't care if this is a useless review, it would be nice if it was helpful.

Envy responds:

"use more snares in your chorus"

Advice from a master?

Name a good artist without a style. Go on, I'm waiting. And don't pull "Mozart" out.


Its fantastic, i would i can rate higher that 5 of 10...

At first....

i was thinking, "meh". And then it got going and i was like "HOLY SH!T SAVED"

I like it very much. A little harsh on the ears, but thats just me. The work itself is pretty kickass. full marks, and now im off to raid your submissions to see what other audio goodies you have :D