Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"


Love how different it is to the original, but still has the originals feel. very clever work. Keep it up :)

Dont worry

You say ignore the un synced vocals in the begining but in my opinion that is what makes this song trap you in to listen to the rest right on. Do us all a favor and keep making more songs like this.


a nice remix of the already good song come home!Wouldnt mind seeing more like this from you.


dude, you got some serious skills. Hope i'll hear more from you!

Yeah, yeah pt2

So here is what i notice from your music, witch actually makes you stand out from most of the other artist here on newgrounds. What you have as your own is that you tend to make your music "jump", When you start your song and it builds up to it's main part, the momend you throw your kick in makes this song, and a lot of others feel like it's jumping.

Example, you can call me a private dj or something, but i play some tracks on party's and stuff (using virtual dj pro, program's a bitch! but at least it works!) and sometimes i throw this song in the list (yeah, sue me!) and when i do that? well big surprise, people start dancin and jumping!

So, you do have a style. That's what makes YOU good, and makes YOU stand out of the gray mass of others who make music. so no style my ass!