Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"


If you could somehow make a non-vocal version of this it would be awesome! keep it up :D



I barely noticed that there was anything wrong as far as sync goes.

Anyways, what you did with the vocals is great. Really liked the different things you did with them (making them accent the chords, and then the vocals effects). It's pretty much what I would expect of any professional work. Once again, I love what you do with your dynamics; I can't think of another electronic-type artist that gets that comment on Newgrounds. It's astounding.

-Thanks for a good piece of music!


Hey, Thats really nice.

Favorited and 5/5'd.


this really gives me a kick at 3:06 :D this belongs to the 1st place(well actually more the -123476287356128736st place :D)!


OMG i wish i could make songs like you :D

you are the best :D