Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"

Excellent work!

I think it's more of a trance than dance song, but it is still one of the best songs in existence. I've set my computer to play this in a loop on any screen I put up, because it is so awesome! keep up your brilliance!

So yeah

I've listened to this song many times. One of the few songs from newgrounds I've actually put on my ipod. You did a really clean job on the synths. I feel like durring some of the fade-ins the sound gets a little lost, and some staffs are fighting for space. It would be nice to see you do another like this one, but maybe switch up the synths a little. You've definitely got your own distinct sound, and I'd hate to see you become a one trick pony!



Such an awesome song, sounds amazing!!!!!
Keep up the good work !

The god's have spoken...

More epic than DJ Tiesto, More kick ass than DJ Sammy, Blows the roof of Paul Van Dky, and kicks every other DJ's ass!


This song is amazing, lovely and just plain awesome. I love the lyrics and trance setting, ultimate 10/10. Sounds ike something that should be played on the radio.