Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"

eieio? seriously? made me laugh. Still epic though.

This track gets me going...it's as simple as that! Fists pumping, guns out, wave em' in the air like you just don't care! (I mean hands in the shape of guns), esp. at the MASSIVE drop towards the end.
Been a long time fan, you are one of many producers who have inspired me to follow the path of music, and for that I thank you!
Keep it up!

ps: The reason I posted on one of your older tracks is because I wanted to go back in time and revisit the first time I heard this track. Even now it brings me great memories!

I have been listening to your newer tracks and they are awesome too! you should consider dj'ing if you don't do it already. I think a lot of your tracks would be awesome crowd controllers.

All the best,

really good. delete the vocals and it would be perfect.

Shut up and take my money.
I'm that guy on AIM ;)

excellent work again, never stop making music

So, so, so good. It really goes somewhere like more Techno songs should. Has a GREAT melody, and all of the synths fit perfectly together. I'm positive this is your best song. MAKE MORE LIKE THIS.