Reviews for "~EnV~Come Home"


i have just realized that this is my girlfriend and i's song X3

Envy responds:

Awwww yay <3

Pretty Famous

Awesome song

Do you know that a famous-ish youtuber named moltovmario uses this in just about all of his vids?

He does have good reason though, it sounds so awesome :)


dude I love the harmonies and I'll remember your name to check out your new stuff too. I know you've heard of {dj-N}. You two are my favorite dj's. KEEP IT UP!!!


ever thought of putting this on itunes? because when i download this song for free of newgrounds i fell like i'm stealing it, i'd happly buy it!

EnV Env Env

You've done it again, yet another good song.... sign because of your songs i felT GREAT!!!!. I felt alot from this song and i listen to it everyday at least once. I like the lyrics and the powerful bassline.
p.s. I loooooove your slicing vocals IE 3:06 lol :P

Continue to make beats dude, peace!