Reviews for "Cerebral discharge ii"


I loved the sci fi drawings of machine stuff, but the people, and the machines with faces I just didn't like. it was the way you distorted faces in a grotesque manner that was just kind of repulsive


you have quite a talent, like you need to be told ^V^


Nice artwrk! Its so detailed that the art seems to jump out of the screen. But does this serve a purpose? Seems like just a bunch of random brain farts.

very trippy

those were some vey cool pictures, i liked it alot.


I can only say that this sucked as a flash

HOWEVER, as a student of the arts (Studio art major)

Your artistic talent can only be commended and u obviously have a career in the graphic arts or in art school down the road should u seek it...

but c'mon... this is a FLASH portal...

nevertheless your work was enjoyable