Reviews for "Cerebral discharge ii"


I love the grotesque feel of you art. Really great stuff.
Hope to see a Cerebral Discharge iii. :)


I just don't like that much.It just bores me to the point that I started to plucked all of my pubes one by one.Then I shaved me head and took a bath in the blood of a pig.Then after that I licked Jacko's balls Aand that is what I did after seeing something that is judt a big let down.I am very upset about this.Edmund you made give you a really bad score.
- Marisa B.

very abstract

you have a great sense of value in your drawings. your empahsis in each pic is undoubtly an eye catcher. Also the movement in your work is fantastic. I also liked your interpertaion of the human form and faces. And even though people might blam you cause its not a movie, screw them. Keep up the art, you got style.

WHOA that's good squishy...

dude, ever heard of retrogade dot com? very related to NG, except its all pictures, not flash (or in this case slideshows). you'd love it :) haha.
well, on to the pictures... they were awesome!! extremely weird in that a few of the first ones were really abstract, and it was very hard to figure out what it was you had infact drawn... the level of detail in all of the pictures was extremely good/high, and they all must have taken quite some time to make.
i think that overall they were cool to look at, but it got a tad boring because of lack of motivation to keep looking if you will... i think music would have been good :) nice work dude.


youve got an odd art style, its actually pretty displeasing to the eye. youve got talent, but the vaguely deformed style of your human sketches was kind of disconcerting. then again im just an asswhipe charlatan with no eye for art. oh well!