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Reviews for "Kombat Shorts 1"

Nice work man

I'd like to say that I actually saw this on the VAC forums first and that I'm glad to see it doing so well... Not that I didn't expect it to or anything... lol Anyways, I hope you continue to make flash, these Kombat Shorts are gonna be great!

Bezo responds:

Thanks dude. Yeah, I'm going to continue to make Flash as long as its fun for me. I keep getting better at it everytime so eventually, I'll feel like I deserve these high ratings I get. ;)


i am working well i was working on a thing jist like this, it had jax and johnny cage on a dateing show with jade.

well you beet me to the punch good job man

Bezo responds:

Well, don't stop. That sounds like it has potential for sure. :D Have you picked a bachelor number 3 yet? If not, I'd suggest Smoke. Comedy gold.


That was great work dude. I have to agree with the other guy that the anime style for sonya was pretty cool. I could actually imagine Jax and Cage doin that, so its even funnier. I loved the reference to NINA WILLIAMS as well, shes one of my fave female fighting game characters! ROCK ON!!!!!

Bezo responds:

I've long imagined Johnny Cage and Jax doing that. For those who haven't read my MK sprite comic, The Adventures Of Spirit Liu, it's a very recurring theme. In fact, Johnny's been trying in vain to score since Episode II. For those who have read Spirit Liu, everything MK-related I do will always be connected to each other (except the Konquest Of The Kamidogu films I do with ]{ombat) in what I call the Spirit Liuniverse.

A real piece of work

Great job man. I loved it when you posted it in the MKO forums, and I've watched it hear as well. I like the anime style you've used for Sonya, and as before, your jokes actually made sense. Great job once again.

Bezo responds:

Thanks, man. Yeah, the MKO forum got the second sneak preview of it (the first was in the Newgrounds Voice Acting Club page in the Crews & Clubs forum). I'd like to think my jokes make sense. It doesn't really qualify as a joke otherwise. Of course, I do revel in absurdity so who knows?

Hahaha, excellent short :D

The jokes were dead on, you have an excellent sense of humor. I'd like to see this series have a steady continuation :)

Although, it would have been nice to see Sonya kick their asses...

Bezo responds:

Thanks a bunch, dude. Yeah, I know what you mean, but I really think not seeing it made it all the better. And not just because I'm a lousy animator.

Well, mostly because of that.