Reviews for "spooky tech-step"

It could be longer

Well this had a nice feel to it, but in my opinion it just seems too short really short if you ask me, so ad abit more depth and add more time on this one with more mixed sounds some differant sounds wouldnt hurt either, it needs that extra "KICK" in the end to give the listener abit more to enjoy, but for the most part it had a nice tune, anyways nice job.

make it longer and ad some differant stuff in there, more of a mixture of stuff.



Well it doesn't loop that great, but it's a nice experimental beat. I love the rythem, would be great if it was just a little longer though. Keep up the good work!



Too short

It sounds nice, but it's only two seconds long. It will get repititve very fast.

2 second loop, loops well. Although it's not all that compelling. Interesting sounds.