Reviews for "FFX - For Zanarkand"

Truly amazing...

This definitely captured the emotions conveyed by the song... truly amazing. You're going on my favorite artists list.


I think your on your way to being the next Nobuo Uematsu. Keep it up dude, this is great.


Omg I swear if I listen to anymore ima start crying again. FFX is MY FAVORITE Final Fantasy game outta all of em.

And this song just gets me everytime...good job! 1000000000 stars and a 5 vote from me!

Made me cry

This is soooo good Iove your remix!!!!

heartbreak and pride!!

this song made me think about someone i loved. and realy i still do. i just dont realy think were meant to be together but sometimes i feel wrong. shes in my dreams in my thoughts i cant stop thinking about her. it feels like true love to me. if she came in here as i wrote this and told me she loved me, that would be very joyful for me. i just wish she noticed me a lttle more. and btw i embarassed her in school one day so maybe thats why she doesnt talk to me. but i will say this: she will never leave my heart or my memories. its what i think of her that matters to me. but its also what she thinks of me. true love isnt measured by beauty. its not at all like that. love is measured by the strength and will of your heart and i will never forget about her. anyway enough of the story. heres your rating: 10/10 5/5 20/20