Reviews for "FFX - For Zanarkand"

Two words...

Awe. Some. This is such a sad song and reminds me of romance....hmmm..... like andrew below me this reminds me of the sad part in the game, when titus just suicides into the hot steaming jecht lava. Just, awesome.



This song always brings me back to that saddening part of the game. The moment when they near Zanarkand and they all know Yuna's time for this world has long since left. Very heartfelt and touching.

For you to bring back this classic song and remix it to be even better, in my opinion, was truly kind of you. The added echo really shines and gives this piece an added flavor that the original was lacking. IF I had to describe this in one word, I'd use "Ethereal". Truly gorgeous melody you have here sir.



I search Newgrounds sometimes..and this captured my attention.
Congrats! I wish NG would redo its top music category on the front page and put things which were better..

I like

it's good, the echo is a nice touch


I can't argue more than the other ppl here, everything suits really fine, even if I rather prefer the original one.